About us


About us

Elite of young developers working in the field of analyzing, designing, and developing programs and applications for computer and mobile We are looking for everything new in our field and we draw experience from our professors and our experts working in the field in Egypt and the world

We keep pace with the times, look forward to the future, and look for new and useful in all areas that we can work with or with

We learn, work, and develop according to our vision and conviction that the future is for technology and excellence

We believe that good work, informed thinking and future vision are our path to excellence and success

In the following areas:

o Web applications and programs

o Mobile applications and programs

o Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs and applications

Internet of things (IoT)

o Information bases and knowledge (Information, Knowledge Base)

o Open source applications and programs

o Advanced training in the field of analysis, design, and development of programs and applications using different languages ​​(Training)

o Technology business incubators and entrepreneurship

o Providing consultations and specialized studies in the fields of information and communication and developing them

o Digitizing traditional content, including audio, images, and data from scientific, cultural, and artistic content

o Providing internet, hosting, and cloud computing services.